Project Development

Are you planning a water or wastewater capital improvement project in your community?

We can help with many of the components including the operational review and project prioritization, working through regulatory compliance, planning, engineering selection, funding applications, environmental reports, and financial feasibility.

We are Certified CDBG Grant Administrators through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

Energy Audit

RCAP’s Energy Audit Team specializes in energy efficiency for small community drinking water and sewer utilities and holds Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) and Certified Energy Manager (CEM) credentials.

We look at opportunities to  conserve energy through changes, modifications, or upgrades to both equipment and operations.  The end result is often significant energy and budget cost reduction.  We have seen potential savings ranging from 6% to 60%, with 25% being the average.

The audit will identify potential energy savings opportunities and provide the associated costs per opportunity, the potential energy and cost savings, and the projected simple payback (return on investment).

Water Audit

Non-revenue (unaccounted for) water isn’t a big deal in most systems, right?

We have seen communities with 30-40% non-revenue water.  Even 10% of non-revenue water equals 36 days of the year that the water plant produces water for nothing.  Big leaks can be easy to find, and correct.  Small leaks lose more water over time as they are difficult to find and continue to leak for extended periods.  We can assist you with the water audit.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has a free water audit software program to help compile and show where your water is going.  To get a copy click here.

Vulnerability Assessments/ Emergency Response Plan

USDA RD requires that all systems receiving funding must complete a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) and Emergency Response Plan (ERP).  In addition to the USDA RD requirements, the preparation of a SVA and ERP will help improve the management of the drinking water or wastewater system and will increase the system’s ability to respond to emergencies.