Technical Assistance

Operational assessments, water audits, energy audits, emergency response planning, and environmental assessments are some of our technical services.

Management & Financing

Budget and rate analysis, energy audits, CMOM, capital improvement planning, asset management, water audits are among the best utility management practices.

Geographic Information Systems

RCAP GIS Cooperative gives communities access to GIS professionals, easy-to-use applications, software, and data hosting at a fraction of the cost.


We take a holistic approach.

Whether it is drinking water or wastewater treatment, we evaluate both the operations and the management of the systems.  Operational assessments can help systems adopt the best maintenance, rehabilitation, and operational practices that can minimize the lifetime cost of the system.  And we can help you plan for capital improvement projects, budget/rate analysis, and financing.

GIS is more than simply a map.

Use GIS to model which valves to turn to isolate a water main break and then generate a list of customers affected.  Find curb stops in a hurry.  Record the asset conditions to visualize and plan for future projects.  And with the RCAP GIS Cooperative, you have access to GIS professionals, easy-to-use web applications, and 24-hour access to data.


How Can We Help You…

Whether you need help applying for project funding, or you need a rate analysis, GIS, or an asset management plan for your drinking water or wastewater treatment system, we can provide the service.

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