The RCAP GIS Team received the 2014 Best Practices Award from the Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program.

Delivering high quality data and services to small communities at a fraction of the cost.

In 2008, RCAP developed a solution for small communities that wanted to implement a Geographic Information System (GIS).  Recognizing that the needs and uses of a GIS among small communities is different from large cities and counties, we developed a GIS program to fit small community needs and budgets.

We employ the GIS professionals so you don’t have to.

Our GIS professionals have assisted over 75 communities map their utilities.  And with a core group of member utilities, the Cooperative GIS Service provides access to those professionals for updating, maintaining, and using the data.

Easy-to-use apps that let you do the things you need to.

Use our GIS app to model which valves to turn to isolate a water main break and then generate a list of customers affected.  Find curb stops in a hurry.  Record the asset conditions to visualize and plan for future projects.  And with the RCAP GIS Cooperative, you have 24-hour access to easy-to-use web applications and your data.

Next Steps…

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